empty 31st July 2013
Goodmorning All,

Last weekend we had our meeting discussing the change which is all already on the agenda for a long time. Points of discussion where off course the leaving of Trackmania Forever, clan activity, server management and consequences to members on these points.

The following timetable has been set:

- 01.09.2013: Close Trackmania Forever servers, except the Lolserver
- 01.11.2013: Close Trackmania Forever Lolserver
- 01.01.2014: Close Trackmania Forever Squads (this includes the rilax squad)

Other relevant changes:

- The Maniaplanet Canyon lolserver will be closed. This will merge into 1 server, just like the Valley (Canyon Mix)
- The Maniaplanet Stadium2 lolserver will be changed to TMX; members upload tracks to TMX, admins add ingame. Also adding non member TMX tracks.
- Admins of a trackmania2 server will be Operators on other trackmania2 servers.
- Gameleaders will get to abilty to start/stop their dedicated servers & xaseco's.
- New joins will not have a minimum ladder ranking required.
- Take a good look about how to handle squads and members with multiple titles.


I am awfully aware about the pro's and con's about these decisions. For that reason i called the meeting last weekend with 5 members, so not only my vision was the only one to be based upon. We assume that even for what ever reason u cant or wont move to Maniaplanet, its not personally. In that case i would thank u for your membership and hope u can follow us again in the near future.

If u have any questions, dont hesitate to ask them within the comment of this newspost. If a topic will need discussion i can open a forum topic (or yourself).

<3 Weerwolf

Comments made

#1 31st July 2013
Netherlands LGC〢Trabant
Although I'm not official in a squad (not yet if I understand correctly crazy) I think you made the right decisions. Quit TM Forever, little less servers, better overview. Little less rules (LP), easier to handle applications. I think overall it will be easier for you to handle.
Not sure if you change the rules regarding activity, but I can imagine you keep the same rules. Otherwise people easier go "clan-hopping" or be inactive forever without being kicked.

All in all looks to me you are heading where I think it should be heading to for YOU; have fun playing and less management imho.

For those who are not playing in Maniaplanet Stadium yet: common over! It's cheap and fun! there are not many gmaes you can buy for just €9,99 and give you so much fun wink

GL WW and cya all in Maniaplanet!!

#2 31st July 2013
Netherlands MrFluffy
its very clear to me, but I have one question.. am I allowed to use my nickname together with LYNX on TMUF? or not?
#3 31st July 2013
Netherlands TTT
If I understand correctly you can drive in TMUF with the LYNX-tag until 01-01-2014 at which point we will no longer have TMUF squads and therefore no more TMUF members/players.

However.. I could be wrong xD
#4 1st August 2013
Netherlands Lara Croft
i totally agree with what the op says! i'm going to stay and enjoy Lynx while i can! i love this clan.
#5 1st August 2013
Netherlands LGC〢Weerwolf
If I understand correctly you can drive in TMUF with the LYNX-tag until 01-01-2014 at which point we will no longer have TMUF squads and therefore no more TMUF members/players.

#6 3rd August 2013
Netherlands PaupertMang
I understand this decision, but it's making me sad. I can't play anything in Maniaplanet because my laptop is too old/slow.

I guess I won't be racing with you guys anymore for a long time. unhappy

Best of luck and stuff.

#7 4th August 2013
France Nationsunited
unhappy RIP LYNX TMNF servers.

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